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Personal injury consultation

This can be an extremely difficult and confusing time for you. If you are new to the personal injury claims world then no doubt you have come to realize that every attorney out there is fighting for your business. With all these attorneys advertising and making promises, it can be frustrating to know who the right attorney for you is. That is why Utah Personal Injury Law, LLC is proud to offer a free, no pressure consultation. We help break down your situation and options in a way that focuses on answering your questions, not selling you on our services.

What your perspective may be

In my legal experience having a guide on your side is absolutely vital to the success of most cases. I think I know what you’re thinking to yourself.

“Yah, he is just saying that because he wants part of my settlement”


“An attorney might be able to help me get more money in my case, but once I pay my attorney fees I probably will end up losing money.”

Both these statements are understandable but entirely untrue.

Here is how we see things

  • Of course, we want to work with you. We need profit just like any other business. What separates us from other businesses is that we would never take our priorities above yours. Money is important, but what is even more important is that we run our business honorably and honestly. You will never be left in the dark, charged unfair fees, or pushed into hasty decisions.
  • Secondly, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not collect a dollar of service fees unless we collect a settlement for you. There is no gamble, either we make money together or Utah Personal Injury Law, LLC doesn’t collect money at all. There is also no break-even scenario. In most cases working with an attorney results in a settlement that is vastly larger than people fighting the insurance companies and defendants on their own. You can guarantee than a defending company or entity will have an attorney, you need one too.

Call or contact a legal professional today. You have nothing to lose. One phone call can help your personal injury or car crash case beyond measure