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  • Tel: (801) 839-4411

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Utah Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC

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Knowledge is power, the more you know the more options you will have to make the right legal decisions for yourself. The sooner you talk with an attorney about your case, the greater chance you have of getting a positive outcome in your settlement. At Utah Personal Injury Law we do not promise the stars to our clients and then under-deliver on our results. We guarantee that when you work with Salt Lake Attorney Christopher Ault you are going to feel truly cared for. Contact us today and learn why Utah Personal Injury Law has the best client-centered service in Utah.

Below are a few testimonials from those who have already done business with Christopher Ault, one of the most experienced car crash and automobile accident Attorneys in Salt Lake.

At Utah Personal Injury Law, not only do we take care of our clients. We also get responsible parties to provide fair compensation. In fact, our professional staff enjoys a success rate of about 97% for all cases. This means that in a decade of representing car crash victims we have almost always retrieved a settlement for our clients. As one of the best Utah Car Lawyers, there is nothing more rewarding career than being able to help people for a living. If you prefer to contact us by contact form feel free to fill it out below. We will get back to you within one business day. For a more immediate response please contact our office today. Good luck to you with your legal and medical endeavors.