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All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Accidents

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All-terrain vehicles are an exciting and adventurous way to enjoy Utah’s many trails and natural surroundings.  These vehicles sometimes referred to as “quads” are enjoyed by teenagers and adult alike.  Even when observing properly safety standards four-wheeling can still be a risky activity.  One that unfortunately can lead to serious injury and in the worst cases death.  On average, the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission reports around 100,000 cases where people have been injured due to an ATV or UTV accident.

Why you may need an ATV injury attorney?

One simple question that you can ask yourself is, “was someone else responsible for the accident in any way?”  If you believe that the answer might be “yes” then we highly recommend requesting an ATV accident case evaluation.


In general, our office finds that there are three scenarios that can arise where compensation may be due to the victim of negligence.

Negligence of other operators. This can arise when the operator of the ATV failed to see you or took their ATV on a trial that was specifically made for hikers and trail-walkers only.  This type of an accident can result in four-wheelers colliding or someone operating an ATV/UTV hitting you as a pedestrian.

Manufacturer defects and possible product liability. In certain cases, it can be shown that the manufacturer or a rental company failed to meet the necessary safety standards for the vehicle.  An example of this would be a vehicle design with a center of gravity that is too high, resulting in a rollover case.

Complete disregard for safety. These situations are unfortunate but can arise.  Common examples that we see include, operating the ATV with more than one person on the vehicle.  Driving while impaired, by either alcohol, medication and under the influence in some manner.

There are many factors that should be discussed with a lawyer in order to help determine the liable parties.  In some situations, legal representation can be achieved on a contingency fee basis.  This means that you pay little to nothing unless your case is settled and you receive financial compensation.

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Common injuries that can occur from ATV accidents

There is an inherent risk with quads and even when protective gear is worn the damages can be devastating.  Many people can experience injuries such as:

Arm and hand injuries such as broken bones.

Head and neck injuries that can lead to long-term damage and even paralyzation.

Injuries to the legs and feet, including broken bones or intense bruising.

Accidental death.

As a Salt Lake City ATV injury law firm we hate to see anyone suffer from an accident.  However, there are options to help get your life back together as much as possible.  If you or a loved one has been involved in a collision, crash, or rollover contact our office today to speak with a legal professional.

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