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Hiking accident attorneys

Utah is an amazing place for outdoor enthusiasts to call home.  One of the most popular activities that take place on an almost year-round basis is hiking.  Whether you are going on an advanced trail or keeping it simple on a maintained path, this is a great way to explore and stay in shape.  Whenever we talk about venturing into the great outdoors the name of the game is always safety first.  Despite our best efforts, precautions and proper judgment, accidents can still happen.  If you are hiking by yourself, with your family and friends or an organized group, things can take a wrong turn without notice.

Holding the right parties accountable

At first glance, it may seem like you don’t really have any options when injured during a hiking accident.  The truth is that depending on the situation, there may be parties who are at fault due to negligence in various ways.  One example is if you or a loved one happened to be taking a tour guided hiking expedition.  Many people choose to experience Utah’s natural beauty through these guided adventures.  Although being in a professionally guided tour might seem safer than going out on your own, tour guides can still make mistakes or be negligent in their duties.  Even if you signed a waiver it does not protect the company from legal ramifications should they be negligent in their duties.


City, State and National Park accidents

We all know that Utah has an abundance of breathtaking parks at our disposal. The owners of these lands have an obligation to maintain and upkeep visited areas in order to allow for safe hiking. The unfortunate news is that many people get injured on these hikes every year in Utah. Yes, some accidents are simply due to hiker error, but others are a result of poorly maintained property and facilities. An example of such a situation could be if a park employee or maintenance crew left a tool or shovel on a path. Should someone trip and sprain their ankle because of the shovel they may have a personal injury legal claim against the city, state or national park due to premise liability.

Find out what your legal rights are

If you have been injured while hiking and believe the accident occurred due to elements outside of your control we strongly urge you to request a case review.  During this meeting, you will be able to receive expert legal advice and know where you stand in the eyes of the law.  Should you decide that legal representation is the right choice for you, our experienced attorneys will be with you every step of the way.  Contact our office to speak with a hiking injury lawyer today.

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