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Personal watercraft (Jet Ski) injuries and fatalities

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Jet Ski Accident Law Firm

Utah has been blessed with many fantastic lakes for boating and personal water craft activities.  Many residents and tourists on vacation enjoy taking to the water each and every year.  The unfortunate reality is that for all the fun and smiles, accidents can happen and the resulting injuries can be devastating.  Vehicles such as jet skis, wave runners, sea dogs, and wet jets provide a unique and thrilling experience.  They also have dangers and risks that are unique to them due to the unfamiliar design and operational necessities.  Because the rider is so close to the water and physically exposed, resulting injuries can be devastating and can even result in death.

What causes jet ski accidents?

More often than not the people who are involved in a wave runner accident are those who are renting these vehicles for the first time.  Properly operating a jet ski is not as simple as riding a bike, and requires proper training before it can be safely performed.  Challenges to first time riders include difficulty controlling speed, counter-intuitive controls (off throttle steering) and a lack of instruction.  Companies that rent these vehicles has a standard of duty to ensure that everyone is safe, knows rules and regulations, and has shown a proper understanding of how to operate the vehicle.  If the rental company, sometimes referred to as a concessionary has not upheld a proper standard of care they can be held accountable for giving little to no instruction to renters.


Further situations that can lead to a legal claim.

Other examples of where a legal claim may be made include holding a negligent rider accountable for their actions. Accidents can result from another person riding their vehicle too fast, disregarding laws and safety regulations, or operating their jet ski under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If you have been injured due to the poor judgment of another it is likely that you can be compensated for pain and suffering, medical bills and time away from work while you recover from the accident.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a jet ski accident we highly recommend requesting a case review today.  During this consultation you will be able to speak with an attorney to get a better understanding of where you are from a legal standpoint.  When it comes to personal water craft always wear a life jacket and if injured seek proper medical attention immediately.  After that speak with a law firm to help represent your case.

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