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Mountain Bike Accidents

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Mountain bike accident attorney

Mountain biking is another extreme sport and outdoor activity where our attorneys represent victims of accidents.  When participants take place in mountain biking adventures they use the robust design of the bike to go off road.  With larger tires and more shock absorption riders can go from dirt trails to advanced tracks with jumps, sharp corners, and rugged terrain.  It should come as no surprise that these types of activities can lead to injuries and accidents.

Common injuries from mountain biking accidents

Many injuries can arise from a fall, collision, or falling due to something on the track.  Below are some of the most common damages our previous clients have faced.

A fall from a large height. This can lead to broken bones, internal bleeding, sprains and in the worse cases, death.

Hitting ones head on a hard object such as a rock. This accident should be taken seriously and can lead to concussions or even traumatic brain injury.

Collisions with other riders, pedestrians, and off-road vehicles. Just like the situations stated above, these accidents can lead to large, often times devastating injuries.


It is often highly advised from professionals that you have at least one partner when you take your bike off-road. The reason for this is that if an accident were to happen the other person can get help. When riders get injured in secluded areas they can sometimes be stranded for long periods of time before they are found. This extra time before wounds are addressed can compound the issue and amplify the effects of the accident.

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What if the accident was not your fault?

There are many factors to consider in every case and each mountain bike accident is unique to the situation.  If you believe that you have been injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another, it is highly advised that you request a case review.  A common situation that arises is when another rider has disregarded the rules or safety standards on the course or trail.

Slightly fewer common issues that can arise include product defect that failed to keep you or a loved one safe.  An example would be holding the manufacturer of the bicycle liable for defects to the braking system or structure of the bike itself.  Product liability issues can also arise from biking equipment for example if the helmet failed to protect your head the way it was designed to.

One final situation where a person or entity can be held accountable is when the owner of the trail or park failed to keep their property safe for riders.  When this issue arises it is usually due to an unaddressed or unrepaired road hazard that resulted in the accident.  Depending on the situation the city, state or municipality can be at fault for the accident.  It is especially important in these cases to seek legal representation to help fight for legal rights.

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