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Organized Sports Accidents

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Sports Injury Law Firm

Utah is filled with athletes from grade school to adults.  Every year thousands of residents sign up for organized sports to have fun and learn team building.  Common sports include soccer, basketball, football and can even include lacrosse, hockey and cross country running.  These activities can be organized and hosted by schools, youth programs, fitness and recreation centers, a city or even the state.  As with any physical activity, participants run a higher risk of injury while playing the sport.  Our firm represents those who have been injured due the negligence or poor judgment of another.

Who is accountable when an athlete is injured?

The types of injuries that can happen are as wide-ranging as the sporting options people have to engage in.  By their nature, accidents are more likely to happen during team sports because of the interaction with other players.  That being said, people can and do become injured while playing individual sports.  Regardless of the situation, you, your child or a loved one may need legal representation after the accident has taken place.


Below are some common situations where players are injured and a legal claim may take place.

An overeager player intentionally or accidentally uses more than necessary force resulting in a broken arm or leg.  For example, being aggressively tackled during a friendly game of touch football.

Coaches can be held accountable for situations that include but at not limited to, failing to remove an injured player, assaulting a player, or encouraging behavior that breaks the rules and shows a disregard for the safety of other players.

Schools and recreational facilities can be held accountable in the same vein, for example, if they show a consistent disregard for rules being broken that result in an accident, providing faulty equipment, or failing to contact medical care providers in a timely fashion should an injury arise.

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Apart from doing everything you can to address and properly heal from injuries, speaking with an attorney is the most essential thing you can do.  When you receive a case review from an experienced organized sports lawyer, you will get a better understanding of where you stand from a legal standpoint.  Whether you are dealing with a smaller injury such as a pulled muscle, abrasion, cuts, to large injuries such as head trauma or broken bones, it is highly suggested that you speak with an attorney.

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