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Public park and playground accidents

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Utah Park Accident Attorney

The size and activities that take place at parks range widely depending on the purpose of the park.  Our attorneys represent those who have been injured in parks of any size, from a few swings and a slide, all the way to theme parks with rollercoasters.  Because of the many activities that can take place at parks, the types of injuries that can happen vary in wide ranges.

Common accidents that can happen in parks

Slip and fall accidents:  Although these accidents do not typically result in catastrophic injury, they can still result in medical bills and time away from work.  Public parks are meant to be a safe place where people can enjoy themselves.  Owners can sometimes let maintenance lack which results in potential safety hazards.

Injury due to damaged or old playground facilities:  When these accidents occur it is sadly our children that usually suffer.  Common examples include children getting cut from sharp metal that is exposed on slides.  Other times injury can occur when the child has their arms or legs caught due to faulty design or layout that causes pinching.

Lack of supervision or a neglect to warn of safety hazards:  75% of all playground accidents happen on property that is owned by schools or daycare centers.  These facilities have an obligation to help ensure that children are safe while they are at play.  In larger facilities such as national parks or theme parks, proper safety concerns must be addressed.  Owners need to make sure that proper signs, warnings, and cones are in place should an issue arise.


Seeking legal representation after a park accident

After immediate medical concerns have been addressed, we always recommend seeking a case review to see where things are from a legal standpoint. Our clients typically receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. Call Utah Personal Injury Lawyers today to speak with a legal professional about your case.

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