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Rock Climbing Falls

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Utah Rock Climbing Accident Attorney

As a local law firm, we represent individuals who have been injured while participating in a wide range of recreational activities.  For beginners, it can be an ultra-hazardous activity if proper instruction and supervision have not occurred.  In the best of cases, rock climbing is a fun, challenging activity with inherent risks.  As a rock climbing injury law firm, we represent those who have been injured while rock climbing.  These types of cases can sometimes be complicated and it is up to an attorney to determine who can be held liable for an accident.

Premises and product liability cases

A typical case that we see is when someone has been injured while climbing an indoor rock climbing wall.  When these issues arise people often feel that they do not have legal options because they signed a liability waiver.  Although these waivers generally do create obstacles, they do not prevent lawsuits in every situation imaginable.  For example, if an employee or company member was neglectful that caused the accident, you may have grounds for a case.  Another situation the can, unfortunately, result in accidents would be if the property owner failed to maintain their property to keep everyone safe while visiting.

An experienced attorney will be able to see the details of your case and help you determine what the best course of action may be.  Another aspect to take into consideration is the equipment used while rock climbing.  Things like grips, harnesses, rope, slings, and rappel devices are all necessary when rock climbing.  Manufactures of these items can sometimes be held legally responsible for accidents should these products fail at vital times.  A concern we often see is when a product has been recalled due to improper design resulting in faulty functionality.


Recovering from rock climbing injuries

It is the job of your legal representative to help you and your family recover after a rock climbing accident has occurred. Injuries can range from fairly minor such as muscle strains to catastrophic injuries like brain trauma and even death. With most personal injury claims we are often times able to help receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages due to time away from work. If you or a loved one has been injured while rock climbing we urge you to speak with an attorney today. Call Utah Personal Injury Lawyers to request a case review to go over the details of your accident and injury.

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