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Skateboarding injuries

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In general, there are many efforts for public awareness when it comes to sharing the road with cyclists, motorcycles, and pedestrians.  One campaign that is equally important but doesn’t always receive the same level of attention is skateboard riders.  Skateboard and longboard riders are in a unique position where safety needs to be upheld, the reason is twofold.  Skateboarders and pedestrians are really not all that different.  Hopefully, the operator of a board is wearing protective gear such as a helmet and pads. But at the end of the day, it is really just a person gliding along a board with wheels.  This ultimately means that when an accident does occur with a vehicle the damage to the rider is usually catastrophic and often times results in death.

Injury statistics and their impact

Another factor that is of concern is the age demographic that usually rides skateboards for transportation.  Statistically most skateboard riders are between the ages of 5 on the younger end and 19 on the older side.  National statistics report that around 61,000 children are severely injured on skateboards each and every year.  When looking at the data and the impact these accidents have on lives, safety must be of the highest priority.

Types of injuries sustained from skateboard accidents

There is no shortage of the various ways people can become injured while riding a skateboard or longboard.  Accidents most frequently happen from the rider losing their balance and falling off the board.  Other times riders will try to perform tricks that are beyond their skill or risky in nature and crash.  We represent those who have been injured due to the negligence of another, in most cases, this means that a person was struck by a distracted driver.  Our attorneys specialize in helping victims recover from the damage a collision with a vehicle may have.


Most of the time when an automobile accident occurs police officers are called on the scene to investigate and control the situation. When they arrive on the scene they will analyze the situation and take witness statements of what happened. The officers will then be able to determine whether or not it is appropriate to issue a citation. Regardless of the situation you should always take photographs and keep a detailed record of the accident. These documents and information will help a local skateboarding injury law firm determine where you stand in the eyes of the law. If you are or a loved one has been injured and believe someone else is at fault we highly recommend that you seek legal advice and request a case evaluation today.

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