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Trampoline accidents

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Utah Trampoline Accident Attorney

There are millions of trampolines in personal homes and fun centers throughout the United States.  Trampolines are a fun way for the whole family to get some exercise and enjoy the summer.  The unfortunate reality is however that when compared to other children’s toys, trampolines pose a significant risk to personal health.  Reported cases of children being injured while on a trampoline have had a steady increase each and every year.  In fact, an average of 100,000 trampoline accidents a year result in a trip to the emergency room.

What causes trampoline accidents?

There are several factors that can cause an accident while jumping on a trampoline.  It is up to your Salt Lake City trampoline accident attorney to help determine who is liable if negligence has occurred.  Most trampolines have a weight limit that is designed to discourage several people jumping on a trampoline at once as this increases the risk of an injury happening.  When safety or maintenance of a trampoline has been neglected there may be a premises liability case.  These issues can arise in several situations, most commonly our attorneys see once of the following situations.

A neighbor or friend has allowed your child to jump on their trampoline.

A theme park or entertainment venue where trampolines are available to the general public under supervision.

City controlled or public venues with access to trampolines.

Manufacturer defects that result in product liability because faulty equipment failed and caused an accident.


Holding the right parties accountable

Trampoline accident cases are unique in nature. Often times they can be a combination of product liability and premise liability under once case. Family members of injured individuals can also find themselves in uncomfortable situations because they may know the owner of the trampoline personally. It is important to remember during these times that we are not out to ruin the lives of another, rather help find a way to get compensation for outrageous medical bills. If you or a loved one has been injured while on a trampoline it is in your best interest to speak with a local personal injury law firm today. During your case review, experienced attorneys will be able to help you know where you stand in the eyes of the law. Contact Utah Personal Injury Lawyers today to learn more and speak with a legal professional.

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